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Golding Court Reserve Dandenong North Proposed New Local Playground

The Playground Proposal

The City of Greater Dandenong is planning to replace the existing old playground within Golding Court Reserve, Dandenong North with a new local playground. The location of the new playground is proposed to be retained in its existing location.

The upgrade to the playground area includes:
• A new local playground
• Rubber surfaced access paths to the swings and other equipment to improve all ability access
• A picnic table, park seating and bike hoop
• New tree planting

The City of Greater Dandenong Playground Strategy outlines a playground hierarchy for the City which includes large district playgrounds, intermediate neighbourhood playgrounds and smaller local playgrounds. Golding Court Reserve is a local playground.

The playground for Golding Court Reserve will be designed to encourage active, challenging, imaginative and social play for both younger and older children.

Proposed Colour Theme

Main structural posts and beams - blue, lime green or charcoal Walls and panel highlight elements - green, yellow, orange Slides - orange and green

The proposed playground equipment
The playground equipment is a guide only for concept purposes. The final design is subject to community feedback and final selection of the playground equipment. See the image gallery below for examples of suggested playground equipment.

1. Double swing (includes toddler swing)
2. Basket swing
3. Play Activity Tower with elements such as:
• climbing rope nets, monkey bars or climbing walls
• flexible gangways and ladders
• platform decks at different heights
• rock climbing wall panel or scramble net
• firemans pole or similar
• rotating elements
• 1 or 2 slides (different heights)
• integrated play panels such as a shop front, driving wheel
4. 2 x Spring riders
5. Rotating carousel with handles
6. Quad springer (up to 4 children)
7. Children’s climbing hut or play house
8. See-saw
9. Play panels - i.e. maze, shop front, talking tubes, tic tac toe or abacus

Have Your Say

If you would like to comment on the playground concept please contact:

Mr Michael Smith
Coordinator Open Space Projects, City Improvement
T: 8571 5264
P: PO Box 200 Dandenong 3175

Submissions close Monday 22 January 2018