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Breanne Reserve Playground Proposal

Council is planning to construct a new local playground within Breanne Reserve, located between Breanne Place and Alana Court in Keysborough.

The new local playground will make it easier for the local community to access a park with play equipment within closer walking distance to their homes. Breanne Reserve has a lovely landscape setting with the beautiful stand of eucalypt trees proving a backdrop to the playground and picnic setting. New tree planting would be provided around the edge of the playground to improve and enhance the shade and amenity of this local park.

The new playground at Breanne Reserve has excellent pedestrian access and visibility from the local street network. Car access and parking is also available on both Breanne Place and Alana Court.

The proposed location of the new playground is shown on the aerial photo diagram below.


The upgrade to Breanne Reserve includes:

• a new local playground
• a picnic area with a picnic table, park seating and bike hoop
• new tree planting

The City of Greater Dandenong Playground Strategy outlines a playground hierarchy for the City which includes large district playgrounds, intermediate neighbourhood playgrounds and smaller local playgrounds, catering for a local residential area. Breanne Reserve is a new local playground that will be added to Council’s Playground network.

The playground for Breanne Reserve has been designed to encourage active, challenging, imaginative and social play for both younger and older children. A summary of the playground equipment is outlined in the list below. The playground will also be accompanied by other improvements to the park such as rubber surfaced access paths to the swings, carousel, play panels and the play activity tower to improve all ability access to the play equipment.


Proposed Playground Equipment

The list below is the preferred playground equipment proposed for the design, however it is for concept purposes only. The final layout area of the playground is to accord with the final selection of equipment and their required fall zones.

Proposed Colour Theme

  • Main structural posts and beams (charcoal colour or similar)
  • Walls and panel highlight elements (green, yellow, orange)


1. Double swing (includes toddler swing)

2. Play activity tower incorporating elements such as:

  • integrated climbing nets or walls (i.e 1.9-2.2m high)
  • flexible gangways and ladders
  • platforms decks at different heights 
  • rock climbing wall panel, spider web climber, scramble net
  • firemans pole or similar
  • 1 or 2 slides (different heights)
  • integrated play panels, such as a shop front counter, driving wheel, clock panel canopy roof

3. Spring rider

4. Rotating carousel with handles (or seat / handle)

5. Two play panels - incorporating educational and sensory play, such as a maze panel, tic tac toe or abacus

6. Quad springer (2 children sitting side by side each end)

7. Children’s climbing hut or play house



Council invites the community to comment on the park concept. Consultation is open for two weeks, beginning Wednesday 27 September and closes on Wednesday 11 October 2017 at 5pm.

For all comments or queries about this park concept please contact:

By mail
Mr Michael Smith
Coordinator Open Space Projects
City Improvement
PO Box 200
Dandenong 3175


Telephone: 8571 5264