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We always strive to maintain your local community to the highest possible standard. By reporting items you can help us achieve this.

If you see something broken, missing or in need of the Council’s attention, then let us know.

Before you submit a report

The 'popular report subjects' links below direct you to web pages with information on some of our most common requests. We encourage to go to these pages before submitting a report, as there is often important information you need to know about how the issue can be dealt with. 

Council is not able to deal with certain items, and while we are happy to forward your request on to the responsible authority, it will often save you time going directly to them.

How to report an issue

You can submit a report three ways:

Please note: you cannot submit an infringement appeal using the online report form. You can do this by completing an infringement appeal form (PDF - 410KB). For more information see the parking infringements section.

Popular report subjects